What is a changelog?
A changelog is a file that contains a curated, ordered list of notable changes for each versioned release of a project. Its purpose is to make it easier for consumers (and to a lesser extent contributors) to see precisely what changes have been made between two releases.

This is the first official changelog for SEDR.SPACE
Any questions regarding the changelog or updates to the site, please contact the head of internet services for SEDR.

Version: v4.04
Date: 08.09.23


  • All spacing and padding issues were resolved for both desktop/mobile
  • Wallpaper modes are updated with new images and you can no longer select more than one, each mode is loaded on single click
  • I regret to inform the public that the SEDR mini player will have to rethink it's operation and will not be accessible to mixcloud unless we switch to a react backend - which is do-able but not currently in the plans of management at the time - but we are looking for ways to remedy this - if you are reading this and you are a developer - please contact us <3
  • in the meantime, please enjoy the mixcloud embeds and don't judge us too harshly
  • Genre buttons on featured program section reduced to 1rem padding all over
  • Schedule is now updated with only programs that are scheduled 7 days in advance
  • Resident Portal selects a new resident by random on each page visit
  • Overflow scrolling on program playlist set to auto - keep the programs coming!
  • Datanet is now... -> Changelog
  • Why? Well because it makes more sense.
  • LOGIN page is updated with new intro animation
  • Login mobile spacing and text size is fixed
  • Information page is restructured - we are looking for new residents to take control the airwaves
  • New uploads of v1,v2, and v3 of SEDR are now live and archived
  • Community links updated and fixed (some were broken)
  • Program player mobile restructured - artist profile appears first and not last
  • Control panel optimized - default state appears normally now
  • Search page optimized and redesigned